Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sam is a blanket licker.

We got this awesome thing for him to look at. Babies like that stuff...

And my favorite: the new hat!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Sam likes MILK. He's addicted to it actually. He doesn't really like rice cereal. 
We've tried to feed him some cereal at night before he goes to bed so he will keep with his 11 hour sleeping schedule! :) Yeah for a good night sleep! 
But he hasn't really figured out the whole swallowing thing with his tongue. I guess babies have a problem with that. We will work on it. But for now it just gets to be a big mess. 
Then he gets all cleaned up and cute. :) 
What a cute chunky kid, eh? 
He's the sweetest ever... But he's getting to be more "toddler" than baby... I think anyways. He's not my newborn anymore! 


I don't remember which days, but it snowed in east Texas! It's very rare... 
Here's the view from our apartment!

Sam-bo's getting ready to brave the snow.... I love this little hat!

More snow on the cars! 

He's such a cutie! 

Bad Bumbo!

Dear Mom and Dad:
I hate my Bumbo seat. Please never make me sit in it again! It makes boogers come out my nose because I get so mad!

It makes me really depressed just thinking about it... 

And if you don't stop with this seat I'll scoot out the side!

And probably never talk or smile...

And cry until you finally get me out. 
I mean it! I hate the Bumbo!