Sunday, January 24, 2010

Explanations ...

So - I'm not the best blogger. It takes time. and Effort. And I'm not good at it. My blogs are not CUTE. 

But I've been meaning to explain the reason behind the name of our blog: Something will always build character? Sounds weird right? Well - since I met Jake, I've heard him and his family talking about building character. For example: "I chopped my hair off and now I look like a boy!" The best response is: "It's good for you - it will build character!" So I thought it would be good for us to have that as our blog name - because we are building character. 

And I did chop my hair off. I feel like a boy sometimes. I'll probably grow it out - but it's a nice change. 

Anyways - We went to Utah FOREVER. Sorry if we didn't see you guys - We wanted to and we meant to, but our families really liked us. It was hard to get away. And we missed them. So we wish we could have seen everyone - or even half of the people we wanted to. But we just spent time with our families mainly.... 

And here are a million pictures of Sam. Who else would we show pictures of? :) 

I GUESS US - This is Jake and I at the "Lighted Christmas Parade" in Nac. It was freezing. We took Sam. He was warm in his incubator stroller. My hair is normal length in this pic. You won't see it short in this post! 

Mom and Dad Ranall with Sam and Logyn, my new neice born Dec. 11th.  We stopped by and saw Brad and Kristen on their way to the hospital to be induced :) 

Sam and Logyn. This is what 3 months of milk will do to a baby. And Sam was smaller than she was when he was born. Our little chunky monkey. And don't you love her hair? She's awesome. 

Sam sleeping on Uncle Todd. Todd said he was really good at putting Sam to sleep. I told Todd the only way Sam could stand to be around him (Todd) was if he was asleep. :) 

The binky got out - and Sam was trying to put it back in... I AM SO BIASED, but this kid is SO CUTE! :) 

Grandpa Dalton and Sam. 

Jake's brother Kaleb was really good at making Sam smile. So here he is, smiling... 


Jake's reaction. :) 

Sam started standing up really well by himself when we got back from Utah. I'm so proud! He's about 3 months old in this pic. 

Sam's sitting in his Bumbo seat. He's LEANING... 

Sam and Jaime. One of Jake's friend's daughter. She's a real cutie. She's 5 months and Sam's about 3. She was totally putting the moves on him. Can't blame her. :) 

Jake's sister Eva Anne. We went to her wedding on Dec. 12th. It was beautiful. She was beautiful. And it snowed! YEAH I LOVE SNOW! 

LOL - This is one of my favorites~ One morning I woke up and fed him and I was about to change his diaper, but noticed that it was hanging pretty low. He's got some sagging talent. So I thought I would take a cute little picture of my son sagging his diaper. Do you think he will ever be a plumber? And look at that face - He's thinking: Why are you posting my little bum crack on the family blog? 

My little man and his little monkey

Standing again. We like to have him stand as much as possible. It wears him out. Makes him sleep. We like when he sleeps. :) 

I love the sunglasses! Thanks Michelle! 

Here is my sweet little boy - I love him so much! 

Just a couple of things to note: 
~ Sam just found his mouth
~ He likes putting fingers in his mouth... licking anything remotely close to his tongue, etc. 
~ He lets us know when we are boring. He wants to stand up or look around if we aren't entertaining enough! 
~ Sleeps SO well - usually 11 hours a night. 
~ Looks dang cute in a tigger outfit my aunt Vicki gave him (super cute in all his clothes!) 
~ Doesn't realize what he's missing out in not rolling over. He's strong enough, he just doesn't see what the point is yet...