Sunday, May 13, 2012


Well, we are a family of four now! 
Olivia Claire Keller was born May 9, 2012
She weighed 7lb and 4 oz and was 20 inches long
She's beautiful and we love her already. 
Our good friends, Ammon and Liz Ashby came by the hospital and took some pictures - they are awesome. I had a hard to choosing which ones to post. 

This girl has some serious hair. 
It's one of my favorite things - I was hoping for a girl with a bunch of hair and I got it! 

When we first found out we were having a girl I was a little scared. I felt like I knew how to be a mom to a little boy but a little girl would be a whole different ball game. And I didn't (don't) want her to be super girly. I want her to wrestle and get dirty and play sports. But I don't really get that choice. But so far so good - I think it has been so fun to put a bow on her and let her wear some (not a lot!) of pink. :) 

The blanket in the photo below is AWESOME. It was really easy and I used this tutorial from Dana from MADE. I would recommend it for anyone with a new baby. It works especially well for Livvy because she's a summer baby and it allows me to wrap her up really tight without making her too hot. It's a gauzy material and I sewed stars on it and I have another one with teal swirls. 

Seriously ignore my face in this picture. I don't know what I was doing. But I love this pic because I think Jake looks so cute. He's quite my handsome man, huh? I think we have really enjoyed having a newborn around here. With Sam I feel like we were both a little nervous, but this time we are more relaxed and just enjoying every minute. It also helps that Livvy is a super easy baby. Last night (4th night in this world) she went 6 hrs without needing to eat. I was asleep for 4 1/2 of those hours, but she's super awesome. I mean, what's to be nervous about when that's what your dealing with? She's great! 

When we were getting close to having Livvy I kept wondering if I was going to like having a baby again - not the whole labor process, but more of the newborn stage. I mostly love the 2 1/2 year old stage Sam is in right now. I'll have to report how it is having one in the newborn stage and one in the 2 1/2 year old stage. I'm sure some days are going to be absolutely insane and others will be really fun. Right now Sam has been really funny about Livvy. The first time he saw her, he said "Hey Mom! There's a baby right there!"
This morning while I was helping him get breakfast before church he kept laughing at Livvy. I had set her on the ground in the boppy pillow after I fed her. She was just sucking her fist and she had the hiccups. Sam said "it's eating her hand!" and "It's making noises!" Then he would just laugh. What a sweet little boy. :) 

And this is the only picture of them both I have right now. So far Sam is adjusting well. I think it was more weird for him that I was gone and grandparents were here than that we have a baby. Jake's parents were so awesome to come and literally take care of everything. They played with and watched Sam, cooked, cleaned, stocked the fridge, etc. Eva and Sid are absolutely amazing. My parents come tonight and I'm looking forward to spending a week or so with them. Then reality will hit and I'll see how it is having two kids with a husband at work and no help. Maybe I'll go insane, maybe I will be fine. 

P.S. Any suggestions on how to NOT go insane with two or more kids?