Sunday, August 30, 2009


So Jake and I went on a "BABYMOON!" Our last vacation together before Sammy comes. :) 

I planned it and dragged Jake along. I also realized that a lot of places hate pregnant women. Amusement Parks aren't really "down" with pregnant women on their rides. We can't float down a river because I'm pregnant. etc. So.... we had to resort to other entertainment.... 

FIRST, we went down to Galveston. It was hammered with hurricane Ike, and it looks like it's still trying to recover. We were only at the beach for about 2 hours, but we both got BURNED to a crisp! 

I couldn't believe it! I'll have a tan line from that day for years to 
come! Seriously! 

7 month pregnant women


  bad sunburn



But look at our cute feet. :) It was fun, despite being burned so bad.... 

After Galveston, we headed over to San Antonio. We walked along the "riverwalk" and had some great Mexican food. The next day we went to "SEA WORLD SAN ANTONIO" (say it with a Hispanic accent) 

It was amazing! I thought it was just going to be an expensive zoo, but it was so cool! I can't wait to take Sammy back where he can see what's going on - not just experience it from the inside! :) 

The killer whale show (a.k.a. Shamoo) was awesome. The whales did a complete back flip in the air. Wow! It was awesome. Obviously, they got us SOAKING wet, which was really nice because it was hot there.... 

And Sea World had some really cool rides - again, they hate pregnant women, so I just watched Jake go on them... This one was awesome. I tried to make him go on it three times. Once for himself, once for me, and once for Sammy. He could only do it twice. It made him sick... So I guess Sammy will have to go himself one day. 

And this was a show with some seals and a walrus. It was really cute. Everyone should really visit Sea World. It's so much fun.. 

But we left Sea World and drove to Austin then. We were both SO TIRED! We barely even enjoyed Austin before we were ready to come back home and sleep! Austin was very pretty, and I told Jake he should think about going to the University of Texas for some type of master's program. But we drove back home - both very tired and ready to go to sleep... but it was a great Babymoon! :) 

Preparing for SAMMY!

So I have been a super lazy blogger lately. Sorry! I'll blame it on being pregnant, tired, and busy. 

But we have been preparing for our little Sammy to come. :) 

Here was our first purchase. :) 

Yeah! We are officially SUV owners. :) It's a 97 4-Runner. It's old, but it runs well, and we will definitely have enough room for Sammy and all his stuff.... AND my stuff. 

Whenever we would drive around in it, he would show me ALL of the trailers that we could pull with our new purchase. He's really excited. I'm not sure when we are going to ge
t a trailer, but I'm sure it will be as soon as we have a place to put it (a.k.a. buy a house). 

Well, the first thing we were able to USE our new 4-Runner for was this! 

It's a super ugly dresser we got for $25 at a yard sale.... Sammy needs a place to keep his clothes! So we cleaned it up, Jake got new tools (he was so excited) and we refinished it. :) And here it what it looks like! 

Oops - never mind. I guess I didn't take an after picture. But it's much much mo
re beautiful! We refinished it with maple or something - it's beautiful and nice. 

We also got a pack and play for Sammy to sleep in. I hope he loves it. :) The thing on the left is a "newborn napper" so Sammy can sleep in it when he's all little. Then the thing on the left is the changing station. Then underneath there is a mattress pad which can raise and lower, so he can sleep on it. When he's all little we can have it high because he won't be trying to climb out, then lower it when he's bigger so he can't climb out... So I hope he likes it. :) 

And finally - here's an old picture of me pregnant. I think I was about 4 months along here. I'll try and update the blog with a new picture, but we will see... :) 


For the 4th of July weekend, Jake and I went to Arkansas to visit my brother Todd. What a trip! 
Jake actually loves Arkansas. They have so much farm ground there compared to where we live in Texas. He was in heaven looking at all the tractors. I thought we were going to go off the road.... 
I can't believe we went all that way, and I don't even have a 
picture with Todd. What a slacker. But we had a great time - we ate catfish and BBQ and relaxed. It was wonderful. :) 

On the way down, we stopped at a NAPA store to get a few bolts....... 

Then put this on our car.... :) YEAH! GO AGGIES! 

We (Jake and Todd) actually changed the brakes and rotors (sp?) on our car while we were up in Arkansas. It was interesting.... It made us realize we needed two cars. 

So this is Jake changing the rotors... He's such a hottie. :) 

And on the way back, we stopped in HOPE ARKANSAS... guess why that's an amazing place on earth? Birth place of Bill Clinton. :) YEAH! (sarcasm!). Anyways, this is a picture of his "boyhood home." : )