Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So Jake and I are both in school - me finishing law school and him starting his masters.
I would like to honestly get some sympathy... really.

Let me tell you about Mondays.

Jake has class at 8 so he rides his bike the 2 miles to school about 7:30.

Sam and I wake up about 7:45 or 8. We like to sleep.

While Jake goes to class and studies, Sam and I eat, work out (hopefully!), and play.

Sam takes a nap about 10 or 10:30 and I start to study.

Jake rides his bike home about 12.

I leave. I ride my bike up to campus to study or take care of other things - like getting things printed I couldn't on Saturday... (see previous post!).

My class starts at 1:30 - Criminal Procedure.

Jake takes the car and drops Sam off at a sweet girls house. She has a baby about 3 weeks younger than Sam and Sam and Bekah play. :)

Jake parks the car south of campus so we don't have to buy a parking pass...

Jake goes to class - starts at 2:00.

Jake texts me and tells me where he parked the car that day... :)

I get out of class at 2:45 and haul bum to the car. I put the bike on the bike rack on the car. Then I haul to grab Sam.

Sam and I go home and we both eat.

Sam and I take the car (with my bike still on it) up to campus at 4:00

We meet Jake - Jake drops me and my bike off at the law school.

Jake and Sam go home to eat more and play.

I am in class from 4:30 until 6:30.

I bike home.

At least Mondays only happen once a week.

And one beautiful picture of my scrumptious baby. We were hiking in Moab this summer.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


So it's been a while. I won't even try to update you all. If there is anyone out there.
We live in Lincoln and we are both going to school. And Sam is surviving.
But right now... I'm venting.


Why is it that IT people like to confuse us all?

Can they not make something USER FRIENDLY??

I have been trying for OVER AN HOUR to print a document. Is that insane?

I believe it is. I want to scream.

But I'll try and refrain.

I'll update more later.