Sunday, March 22, 2009

We went to Nacogdoches! What a trip! 
We flew out last Sunday and came back on Friday. We were SO READY to sleep in our own bed. Holiday Inn's pillows are super weird. 

So..... we'll start out with last Sunday morning. (Somewhat) Lucky me, I hadn't thrown up at all with this pregnancy. (Sometimes I wish I would just throw up if it would make me feel better). But just hours before we catch our plane, I have my first experience throwing up because of the pregnancy. I somehow knew this would happen because it would be just my luck to be in an enclosed space (airplane) with LOTS of people and lose it.... But I was okay... and we caught our plane... 

But - as we were waiting to take off, they guy sitting right across the isle from me... BRINGS IN A BURRITO. I'm sure almost everyone would say: "Yum"! No. Not to a pregnant woman that thinks everything STINKS. I thought I was going to lose it before we even got off the ground. But - a lot of deep breathing (from my mouth, not my nose) helped me get through until the guy ate it all.... And I was pretty good the rest of the flight. 

Then we get to the airport.... and guess what the car rental place has for us? 

Yep. We got a PT Cruiser. Jake HATES PT Cruisers. I tell him it's okay and it will be a "good experience" for us. he he he... :) 

So we drive 2 1/2 hours to Nacogdoches and check into the Holiday Inn with the weird pillows.  
Monday Jake went into work for some training (fire ant training....) and that night we went out to the "Cotton Patch" for dinner with his boss and his boss's wife. 

Let's just say I was up most of the night throwing up dinner. Then most of Tuesday getting rid of anything else in my stomach. Do people really choose to be pregnant AFTER they have already done it once? I can't believe people choose to go through this. Somehow, it must be worth it... I'm just not seeing it right now. 

So I sleep ALL Tuesday. No homework. None. Fail family and con law II? Maybe. 

Wednesday I get a prescription from my doctor that is supposed to help me. I take it while we drive ALL around Nac-Town to find an apartment. We visit everything that doesn't look like it will be infested with college kids (and some that are). Hopefully we have found something we can live with. But after taking the medicine, I am out. I slept for about 14 hours. 

My poor husband. He just hangs out while I sleep. :( 

Again, no homework. 

Thursday we do some of the Touristy Stuff. We go downtown Nacogdoches. Do you know it's the OLDEST TOWN IN TEXAS. But no one could answer Jake and tell him HOW old it is. Here's a picture of the town - with heavy equipment in the road. Gotta love it! 

We also went by "Lone Star Legal Aid." I'm hoping I can put in a LOT of hours with them and get some credit for school. Hopefully everything works out. It's a cute little building downtown. 

We also went to the "Azalea" gardens. I guess they are famous for them. It was pretty. The azalea's don't come out fully until March 21st or something. So we got the preview. 

We also went out to Lake Nacogdoches. He heard there are NO alligators in Lake Nacogdoches. But I will didn't want to get too close. This is crazy. Alligators belong in the zoo. Not in an open lake. But while we were there, Jake asked some guy in a truck where the best fishing was. The guy just kind of looked around... "In the water." he he he.... I loved it. 

And before we headed to Livingston Texas to a new Holiday Inn (with equally weird and uncomfortable pillows) we had to stop by John Deere. We got a free poster and Jake got to sit in the tractors. It made the visit complete.... :) 

He's such a cutie! ;) 
So the flight home was better - and I've been feeling a little better. Still can't imagine why people decide to go through this pregnancy thing more than once, but I'm sure I'll figure it out in October. 

Oh - and I totally chopped my hair. I was really sick of it. So the picture is weird because I probably slept on half my hair AFTER I flipped it out... but.. you get the idea. 

So hopefully I can keep from sleeping on it too much so it will look nice. 

Other random facts about Texas: 
1. People actually go the speed limit. Jake got pulled over going 60 in a 55. The cop told him he was "runnin'." Interesting. Not like on I-15 where you go 80 in a 65 and people are still passing you and treating you like your slowing them down.... 

2. I ventured out of my "white bread and cereal" diet and tried a Subway sandwich. The guy at the counter couldn't believe that someone would get a veggie. (I'm 100% against meat at the moment). I wonder in vegetarians exist in Texas. 

3. Jake couldn't find a BBQ place open for dinner. I guess in Nacogdoches they are only open for lunch. Weird. 

4. Street signs and directions actually tell you to make a U-turn to get to a destination. Like, get off the highway, make a U turn, then you can get to the Holiday Inn with uncomfortable pillows. 

That's all the fun facts I can think of right now. :) 
But we will definitely miss Utah, but we are excited about going someplace new! 

If you have any morning sickness suggestions, please let me know. :) 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bad and Good Good News

So - We have NEWS! 

The bad news: Jake is another victim of the bad economy. He got laid off yesterday. :( 

The good news: His employer offered him another similar job in Nacognoches Texas. 
You are thinking: WHERE IS THAT? We thought the same thing. 

Here it is: You can see Nacogdoches in the Center. Shereveport, Louisiana is close by (about an hour) and Dallas is northwest and Houston is southwest. 

Interesting huh? So we will be moving soon. I will finish school (the year, not the law degree) in May and move down. Jake will be back and forth after the end of March. It's going to be fun. His company will pay for us to move down there, and pay for us to go look for a place to live. It's going to be great. 

So law school - I'm going to apply as a visiting student at some universities down there and transfer the classes up to the U, so I will still be a graduate of the University of Utah! :) YEAH! The closest schools are pretty far away (about a 1 1/2 - 2 hours). So hopefully I can work out a schedule to only have to go two or three times a week.  

We are going to have a baby. Or babies. :) I'm due in October. I keep on telling everyone that I don't mind if I have twins, because that means I have to go through this morning sickness one less time. But I'm sure it's a pretty short-sighted comment. Twins would be much more difficult. So that will throw some interesting stuff in the mix with moving to eastern texas, trying to finish school, and have a baby. Good luck us! 

Talk to you all later!