Sunday, January 25, 2009

This picture is a bit old. It was on our honeymoon over a year ago. We went to Daytona Beach. So here is "US" even though my hair is super wind blown. Maybe next post I will post something where I look a bit better. 

1. I never thought it would happen. But it did. Someone stole our 72-hour kit. And my black and orange buckaroo blanket with my name on it. Who would steal that? I guess It's dumb for us to leave our Honda Civic (aren't Honda's the #1 cars that are stolen in the US) unlocked at night. Well, I hope someone is enjoying our (frozen) bottled water, raisins, and first aid kit. :) 

2. School started!!!! I'm back to fitting in studying time whenever I can and trying to not act stressed around Jake. Wow... I keep telling myself it will let up in a year and a half. Wait - then I get to take the bar. :( 

3. I'm getting better at racquetball and am actually getting competitive with Jake. He's getting scared and sweating a lot more now... 

4. I found out the dogs we wanted (short hair and wired hair german pointers) aren't hypo-allergenic. It makes me sad. I guess only poodles are TRULY hypo-allergenic and Jake refuses to get a poodle. 

Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Time!

After seeing other blogs (and feeling like a mighty stalker) I decided we needed to jump in head first! A little about us! Jake and I were married a little over a year ago. We both graduated from Utah State although we never met while we were there. Jake is a mechanical engineer, and I am in my second year of law school. Life is crazy. :) Jake and I have recently discovered how much we love racquetball.... and I totally beat him today! (SSShhh... He's not going to like it that I tell people that!). We also love camping, running, backpacking, etc. We just like to get off our little bums (from school and work) and get outside! We are also obsessed with buying a house/condo/anything, but we probably aren't really in the market for it at the moment... but we still dream. And we want a dog. Or two dogs. The top one is a German Pointer (short hair) which is a beautiful dog. It's a good hunting dog, but we aren't really choosing it for it's mad hunting skills. I told Jake the short haired dog will be his, and we will call her Jill. The second picture of the CUTE puppies are German Wirehaired Pointers. These dogs are supposedly "Hypoallergenic" so I can touch them. (I'm really allergic to dogs, but most hypoallergenic dogs are yappers, which Jake HATES). So we want the wirehaired to be Jack. Jake and Jill. Cute dogs.... We'll have a wait for a house... with a lot of lawn... :)