Sunday, October 17, 2010


Imagine the corner of a small kitchen.

Imagine a small square table butted against the corner to make room for two chairs and a high chair.

Imagine a nice window in that corner.

And a nice cool breeze blowing of your face while you feed your beautiful baby boy.

Then imagine wanting that window closed.

The beloved MAC computer is on the table.

The much needed tall glass of water is also on the table.

Did I mention is it that beautiful boy's first birthday?

Anyways, imagine the breeze getting to warm and wanting to close the window.

I reach for the window.

I close the window.

Birthday boy makes a suspicious sound.

I turn back...

I knock over the water...

the water is seeping into the bottom most parts of the computer...

and filtering in between the keys...

even on the cell phone (new too because Jake just went swimming with the last one!)

I panic....

Grab a towell and wipe everything off.

The computer even gets the fan on it. For days.

Sadly, the computer didn't survive. Luckily, the cell phone did.

Motherboard is fried. Cost of motherboard: around $600. Cost of new Mac: around $850 with a student discount.

Not really worth the $600 since my computer is over 4 years old.

So I may be saving for an Ipad. But I really wish Apple would put a dvd drive and a usb port in the Ipad. Think they will come out with that version by the time I save up enough money?


Good luck, Right!


Did you know computers don't need to be watered? They are not plants. They don't grow.

Anyways, I watered my Mac. It's fried. Now I'm working from my husband's PC. And using the PC's at school...

I went through withdrawal for a bit there. I didn't have a computer attached to me... it was hard.

Now it's kind of liberating. Hard sometimes, but liberating.

So if there are less posts, it's because I don't like PC's very much and I would rather not deal with them. So you get less of me. :( Sorry!

I guess Panasonic makes a waterproof laptop. I wish Mac would. I would buy it.