Monday, June 17, 2013

New Pictures!

So it seems I only update the blog when we get new pictures
Better late than never, I always say :) 

Sam is 3.5 and Olivia is 1. (I'm 30 and Jake is the ripe old age of 31.) 

Sam is a hilarious little boy. Every time I hug him I think "he's getting so skinny and big!" 
Sam is becoming a Lego maniac. I'm fine with that because I love playing with Lego's too. 
It's one toy I can get him and it will ensure both Jake and I will play with him lots. 

(HUGE SPIDER just crawled across our floor. I think I want to move!) 

The other day Sam was telling me that he wanted to go on a picnic to Lake Hastings. He wanted sandwiches with pepperoni and frosting. Gross. So I kept ignoring him and took ham and cheese sandwiches. He kept telling me he wanted pepperoni and frosting. (lol...) So we got home and for dinner he wanted pepperoni and frosting... and I kept thinking about it and thinking... 
Finally I thought "He's thinking Miracle Whip!" I laughed and got out the Miracle Whip to make him a sandwich... but nope. He saw the bottle of Miracle Whip, and the container of frosting....
He really did want the frosting. 
Whatever. He's nuts. 

Olivia is this crazy little girl. She's super sweet but she's got an attitude. 
One day about a month ago I had put her down for a nap and I could hear her waking up.
She wasn't making a lot of noise so I left her there for 30 min or so to play. 
When I walked in to get her, I was almost knocked down by this horrible wall of poo smell. It was so bad!
So I look at her and she has poop on the floor, all over her stuffed animals, 
a VOLCANO of poop coming out her pants, and all over the crib rails and slats. 
So I put her into the tub where she's contained and I use a million clorox wipes to clean her crib. 
I hear Sam going into the bathroom and tell Livvy "That wasn't very nice!"
So I get everything cleaned up there and I head in to clean up the girl. I take her clothes and diaper off and start the water. I got a cup and started throwing the water all over the tub so I could corral all the solids at the drain and then pick them up before I started washing her. 
I turned my back to get something to grab the solid poop with.... 
turn back around...
and she picks up a piece of poop and eats it. 
AAAAAAAAAaaaaahhhhh. This girl is nuts. 
At least it was just a raisin. She probably chewed it better the second time around.
And I didn't fish it out of her mouth. 
I was done with her poop by that time.

Jake and I - We have been married 5.5 years now. 
We began in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2007. 
Moved to Nacogdoches, Texas in 2009.
Moved to Lincoln, Nebraska in 2010. 
Moved to Hastings, Nebraska in 2012. 

Couldn't decide which to keep - black and white or color.
So I kept them both in.

Love these kiddos - even though we have our crazy moments :)

This girl LOVES her dad. Yesterday (Father's Day) it was my turn to get up early with the kids. 
Which always basically means Livvy. She's the early riser here. 
So I had given her some milk and set her on the ground. 
She got her milk and walked back to our bedroom to see Jake. 
She fell a couple of times, but she was so determined to climb up on the bed to see Jake and take her sippy cup of milk. 
Cute little girl. 

Till next time!

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  1. LOVED this post! welcome back! Hopefully next time there won't be any more poop stories, ha ha, so funny, sad, and horrible at the same time. So sorry.