Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stinky Picture

So the picture above stinks but I'm done messing with blogger for tonight!

This is when Emily (Jake's sister) and I took Sam trick or treating at the law school. He really didn't like it until the end. Too bad! But we got a lot of candy I'm still eating. :)

I made his costume! He's Pigwidgeon from Harry Potter. :)

I'll get a better picture of his costume on here soon! I'm just lazy uploading photos from my camera now that my computer is dead. Oh well!

Good news: Only THREE more weeks left of classes! Yipee! I can't believe I'm almost done! Only two more classes after this semester and I can sign my name

Stephanie Keller, J.D.

Jake thinks it's a little arrogant to do that.. you know, mostly on the roll list in church or something. I don't really see the problem. ;)

UPDATE - sorry - I changed the picture again! I'll get a picture of Sam in his awesome Owl costumer with his tail featers.. :) Sweet!

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